hour of code – Moon Lander

Take your coding skills to the stars and learn how to code using some Physics concepts in order to safely land a spaceship

Learn Physics as you Code

Moon Lander is a Game Builder course with that guides students on how to build their
own physics-based game. In the game, students use code and 6-9th grade physics concepts in order
to help a spaceship land safely. Along the way, they will learn about the power of gravity, understand
the meaning of thrust force and learn more advanced concepts in coding and game desig

Teacher’s Notes

CodeMoney Professor

Game Builder is an educative platform for game design and creation. It offers students the launchpad to become real creators, as it provides them with a step-by-step guide on how to build online games. Moon Lander teaches students advanced coding concepts as it combines Physics in a fun and engaging manner

Students apply their coding knowledge to create real computer games using CoffeeScript, design touch interface games for mobile devices, build challenging games and challenge their friends via easily sharing their games. 



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