hour of code – dodo does math

Learn and practice math with the same easy-to-use interface enjoyed in CodeMonkey’s ‘Coding Adventure’ and improve your students’ math skills

Learning Math Through Coding

Math can be quite difficult and confusing for children at first, therefore it is important to build up their confidence and to introduce them to a fun and challenging environment. Kids like using the computer to learn as it gives them a feeling of independence as the program lets them learn in their own pace. Combining math lessons with a coding platform that the children already know how to use, enables the children to engage math in a familiar environment making them more receptive and motivated to solve math problems.

Teacher’s Notes

CodeMoney Professor

Dodo does math is a game-based platform, best suited for 2nd to 4th graders, where students can learn and practice a variety of math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and even measuring distances and angles by using a pixel ruler and a protractor.

A good math foundation for children requires a mix of conceptual explanations, loads of practice and reinforcement and an ongoing assessment to measure progress. Dodo does math does exactly that in a fun, safe, familiar and challenging environment.                           


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