hour of code – coding adventure

Learn the basics of a real text-based computer programming language  by playing a fun and intuitive game

Coding – The New Literacy

Learning to code is becoming a part of the curriculum in K-12, a trend which is expanding rapidly around the world. Code literacy is considered essential not only for future software engineers but for many other occupations as well. A secondary benefit afforded to students learning to code is the development of algorithmic thinking as a basis for problem solving. This type of thinking is a crucial enabler for obtaining important 21st-century skills

Teacher’s Notes

CodeMoney Professor

CodeMonkey allows you, as an educator, to enrich your students’ lives. Through fun challenges with beautiful animations and lovable characters, alongside our unique user experience and special online teaching tools, you can introduce basic computer science knowledge to your students and better prepare them for the 21st century.       

We have created this Curriculum Guide to help you teach coding to your students – no matter how much experience or previous knowledge you have in computer science. This curriculum corresponds to the basics of CodeMonkey. In the first 30 challenges of CodeMonkey we introduce the following subjects: objects, functions, statements, arguments and the simple loop


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  • Accounts for 30 students

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