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Learn How to Code in Python

Coding Chatbots introduces kids ages 13+ to the programming language of Python. Students will learn how to code a chatbot by playing the popular game Snowman, where they need to guess the correct letters in a secret word

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Create Your Own Chatbot

Chatbots have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, with some predicting its success trumping that of mobile apps. Since kids are increasingly exposed to chatbots, learning how to build chatbots can help kids develop problem-solving skills, as well as critical thinking and attend to real life issues

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Outcomes & Expectations

The activity starts off with very simple tasks in order to gradually teach students different aspects of coding in python. Eventually students will be able to create a chatbot of their own!

Start programing your very own chatbot today!


Coding Chatbots

Coding concepts

Conditionals, Variables, Loops, 

String Manipulation, Data Structures,

Server-side programming, classes

and conditional execution

course structure

70+ exercises

course length

Classroom lessons plans: 16

Standards Alignment

Common Core





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Key stage 4

CSTA Standards

Level 1/K-3/3-6

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Level 3A/9-12

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coding chatbots

Real-World Computer Programming for Kids

Coding Chatbots paves the way for students to learn text-based code through the programming language of Python. Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. Through learning Python, students become one step closer to gaining the confidence they need to enter the real world of programming where they will build websites, apps and games

Learn new coding concepts

Through programming their own chatbot using Python, your students will learn the following computer programming concepts:

  • Variables

  • Chatbot development

  • String Manipulation

  • Data structures

  • Loops

  • Classes

  • Class Methods

  • Conditionals

  • Numbers & Boolean

  • Python built-in Functions

  • Server side programming

What are you waiting for? Start teaching your students Python and introduce them to one of the most used Computer Science Languages of the 21st century!