CodeMonkey, a leading game-based-learning platform, teaches students 8 years and older the fundamental principles of computer programming. CodeMonkey’s platform reflects a new approach in EdTech that combines learning with playing. In the game, users help a monkey collect bananas by writing code. Meanwhile, an AI engine simultaneously runs in the background and analyzes the players’ actions in order to deliver personal feedback, hints and instructions accordingly. CodeMonkey is available in 15 languages and since launching, it gained over 3.5 million users in dozens of countries around the world.

CodeMonkey was established in 2014 by three childhood friends Jonathan Schor (CEO), Ido Schor (CTO) and Yishai Pinchover (COO), who have previously managed several educational activities for children in Israel.

The company operates from New-York and Israel and has 10 employees.





CodeMonkey is ideal for elementary schools that are interested in incorporating computer programming into their curriculum. CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource and does not require prior knowledge and experience. The tutoring package includes basic training, management and reporting tools, automatic grading and detailed tutorials for teachers. In Israel, CodeMonkey has been operating for the second consecutive year in the framework of the “National Coding Olympics”  by the Israel Ministry of Education. In 2015 alone, more than 250,000 students from 1,700 schools have participated nationwide.  

CodeMonkey has recruited $2.5M so far, in two rounds. Among leading investors: Invictus Capital, China-Israel Education VC Fund and Japan-based J21 Corporation, Japanese Holding Company, Edulab, Israel Center of Education Technology (CET), Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry and several private investors.

Some of CodeMonkey’s most remarkable achievements are:

  • Won First Place at the FETC 2017 PitchFest startup competition
  • 1st Prize winner at the competition of Credit Suisse high-tech forum.
  • Prize winner at the Education Business Competition by Milken Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Finalist at SXSWedu startup competition.
  • Awarded R&D funding from the Israeli Innovation Authority (formerly Office of the Chief Scientist).
  • Signing partnership agreements with leading companies in America, Santillana in Brazil and Natur & Kultur in Sweden.
  • Recognized by the Israeli MoE as their partner of choice for conducting the “National Coding Olympics” 2 years in a row (2015-2016); More than 250,000 students played CodeMonkey nationwide during this event.
  • Collaboration with in establishing a national coding competition “Code-a-Thon”, in which more than 250,000 students played CodeMonkey from 1700 schools nationwide.
  • Since launched, CodeMonkey has gained over 3.5 million users in dozens of countries around the world.



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