JUST OUT: 100 new Skill Mode challenges

Users can now master their skills for all Story Mode levels!

Are you ready?

Your coding skills are about to get much sharper with CodeMonkey’s 100 NEW Skill Mode challenges. Skill Mode offers more practice on learned topics so you always stay in the loop.

You’ve mastered variables, functions and loops. Now it’s time for the next step! Until now, Skill Mode only covered the topics of the first  100 challenges out of the 200 Story Mode challenges. With 100 new Skill Mode challenges, you can now get extra practice in advanced concepts such as conditionals, boolean operators, keyboard and mouse events and return values!


New to Skill Mode?

Skill Mode offers practice challenges that can be used to strengthen your understanding of the skills playing CodeMonkey teaches. Skill challenges unlock as you progress in the game. To go to Skill Mode, click on the map icon, locate and click on the tab in the upper right corner of the map where it says “Skill mode”.
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