Students in Israel’s Cyber Olympics Finals Compete Using CodeMonkey

The fourth annual Israeli Cyber Olympics final event took place yesterday in Holon, Israel. After months of practicing code, the top 100 highest-scoring schools in Israel got to send teams of 4 students to represent them in the final event. The spectacle attracted thousands of families, students and educators from all over the country. The competition finals held Math and Coding tournaments for different grades.

The final stage of the Olympics consisted of two hours, in which hundreds of students worked together in teams of 4 to solve as many challenges with as many stars as possible. Hundreds of teams in 2nd-6th grade tested their skills by solving challenges on CodeMonkey. 7th-9th grade teams completed a series of exercises on CodeMonkey in order to build a game. The winners were from cities all over Israel.

The Israeli Cyber Olympics, a national event held by Israel’s Ministry of Education, takes place every year and prepares Israeli students for the ever-dynamic tech industry. Schools all over the nation prepare for the coding competition through learning on coding platforms, such as CodeMonkey.