You can now upload your own Sprites and Background on Game Builder!

We have added a NEW feature for the Game Builder platform. 

Now you can get even more creative with your designs!

3 Steps to Use this Feature:

1. You can upload your own sprite sheet image and set it as your animated Sprite.

Image 1:

To do this, click on Create Games –> the Plus sign –> and then on Your Sprite Sheets. There, you will see the option to “upload sprite sheet”.

Image 1 has the same character doing 6 different actions/poses (therefore it includes 6 frames).

Here is an example of a sprite image to upload:

2. Upload your own images and set them as your game background

Image 2:

As seen in Image 2, go to the Game tab on the lower right side of the screen and then click on Upload to choose a new game background.

3. Improved User Interface for selecting game background.

After creating your game, don’t forget to save it before you share!

Need help? Check out this reference game to help you out or email us at