Meet the Teacher: Brandon Pisacrita

Brandon Pisacrita

2nd Grade Teacher

Stemley Road Elementary School, Talladega, AL

It’s important to me that my students know that they are valued.

“I decided to become a teacher because of the influence of my fourth grade teacher.  She taught me the curriculum, but what stood out was the way she made me feel.  She truly loved me.  I made a vow to myself to be that example for children.

What an opportunity we have as educators to be connected in a variety of ways in the 21st century.  Twitter is very helpful.  I enjoy connecting with educators because I love to learn.  I love to see what works for others; ultimately, this online collaboration can connect us to classrooms around the world!

I can see growth happening daily.

Working with children changes my perspective on the world because I can see growth happening daily.  I love their ideas, their thinking and their hope for change.  It is exciting to encourage these students to makes their ideas and thinking a reality.  I feel that spurring children on to achieve these goals helps in contributing to the betterment of society.

Introducing new technology can be intimidating.  Be willing to try.  Be willing to ask for help.  Be willing to allow mistakes to happen. Be willing to allow students to help you.”

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